Muirfield Woods DIY Decor Ideas!

Muirfield Woods DYI Apartment Home Project and Ideas

Update a picture frame – You can pick up picture frames fairly inexpensively at clearance stores, yard sales, or flea markets. Give them new life with a simple paint job.

Up your vase game – Repurpose an old teapot or other vessel as a vase for fresh cut flowers. Save even more money by investing in some quality faux blooms for a pop of color year ‘round.

Swap your sofa legs – Update your couch with a gorgeous new pair of legs. This simple DIY project is great for making over sofas, furniture, beds, or even tables quickly and easily.

Get Rid of the Boxes – Lose some of the bulk from your pantry and get rid of food boxes. Instead, store goods in air-tight containers which can be vertically stacked.

Sliding Pantry – Build a sliding pantry that can rest in the space between your refrigerator. This way you can pull it out when you need something and maximize your kitchen space.

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