Need More Space…Muirfield Woods has got you covered!


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Need More Space…Muirfield Woods has got you covered!

Store your extra sheets and pillowcases under your mattress.

Fold your extra sheets and store them between the mattress and the box spring.

Buy an ottoman with hidden storage.

Ottomans with storage are easy to find at any mass retailer or online sites.

Use two tension rods to create a shoe holder.

Give yourself some extra space when you stack multiple tension rods.

Organize shower accessories with Command hooks.

Buy waterproof hooks for the best results.

Create more space under your sink by hanging spray bottles.

Double the space under your sink when you use a tension rod to hang spray bottles.

You can use the inside of your cabinet doors to store: Pot and pan lids (use command hooks) Wraps and baggies (mount a magazine holder inside of the door) Toiletries (use an over the door shoe organizer and cut it to size) Hang paper towels, rolls of trash bags and more with an over-cabinet paper towel holder Install pegboard and hang items with S-hooks Attach a magnetic base (or paint with magnetic paint) and hang magnetic spice jars, knives, etc.

Use cup hooks to hang items Sponges/cleaning supplies (hang a metal basket so sponges will dry quickly)

A small trash can (again, use command hooks) Tupperware lids (hang a paper file with command hooks)

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