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Winter Community Reminders

Greetings Murifield Woods Residents:

As we move into the winter season, it is important that we all remember to do our part to keep the common areas clean.

As a reminder, personal items should not be stored in the breezeways.

Muirfield Woods staff will continue to inspect the common areas to ensure that they remain free from trash and that walkways remain unobstructed. Trash, empty boxes, and discarded food items should always be promptly placed in the proper trash receptacles.

We understand there will be an increase in package deliveries as we move into the holiday season, which is another reason why we appreciate the efforts of all residents to ensure that common areas remain clean.

This also includes pet waste. Although removing pet waste can become more uncomfortable as the weather gets colder, each resident has a responsibility to ensure that their pet’s waste is removed from the common area grounds immediately.

Let’s continue to work together to keep Muirfield Woods clean and a beautiful place to call home.

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